Friday, May 12, 2017

What's a Ping-Hub ??

Fuck you Cliff!! Fuck you Strudz, Fuck you Jaded, Reza and all the rest who thought it was all for the Lulz.

I'm still paying for this shit and I'm NOT going to get over it.

For the record nobody HACKED Joe Black's website. Joe was stupid enough to give Reza Rafarti (you know the 21 year old Iranian) the admin password. And I was the one who revoked it.

Also not very smart for @wiredheadlance to call my best friend in NYC impersonating a cop and didn't even block the fucking number. What kind stupid amateur does that??

And as for Anthony? Yes, I AM a real person and perhaps I was "too good to be true"

If you thought I was crazy then, you should see me now.

You did this. All of you. And I never forget. So Cliff, when are you going to tell them you were hosting the site.

You used me to generate support for Gary McKinnon because my sites generate more traffic than if yours combined. And while I'm thrilled Gary was not extradited to the US the way you used my name and eFame and good faith trust that both @yagbebi and I gave you to host my website was a total breach of security and professional ethics.

So... what do plan to do about it??

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