Friday, May 12, 2017

Disadvantages of BYOD and Flashback Friday edition of DailyDDoSe 9/11/11 🍎 SHATTERED


Four Disadvantages to Workers Playing Around With Consumer Mobile Apps in Your Enterprise | Inside BlackBerry
Now a Blackberry user for life thanks to twitter customer service. 

Sprint made me pay for useless tech support in India. Nothing is worse than tech support in the Philippines. 

Sprint banned me in 1999 

Verizon fucked me in 2011 

Comcast has been fucking me for longer than I can remember and I'm literally out of options

Apple Genius TEAM October 2011: Have you considered a device other than Apple?

That was minutes before my iPHONE was stolen. At the fucking Apple Store. 

I told them to GPS that shit before they get out of the store and the Apple Genius told me that the GPS privacy "bug" had been fixed and they couldn't locate my phone. 

Anyone who knows me and my acute awareness of surveillance equipment can imagine how well that went down with me. Apple was still pretending it was a "bug?" 

I went ballistic. Think about this for a minute, I fly to Manhattan on 9/11/2011 after I was blindsided my LulzSec on June 22, 2011. 

I had no idea what social engineering was and 
Every aspect of my life had become a running joke and
I became eFamous beyond my wildest dreams. Every one wanted a piece of me and j was completely unprepared for such psychotic stalkers. They sold T-Shirts with my social security number on it at Defcon and gave the first one to Jester for the Lulz. 

They posted my home address and sent a fire truck to my apartment and the city sued ME cuz there was no fucking fire. That's so uncool. At least they didn't charge me for the SWAT team. 

To be continued 

Insert link to SHATTERED Apple 🍎 Incident 

I'm STILL mad about that shit. And I'm  NOT getting over it anytime soon. 

Have a good day! 

This is how mine started out... 

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