Monday, December 19, 2016

No one gets a free pass around here!

Daily Reminder:

Remember kids, a cunt is a cunt.  

Doesn't matter what colour or religion a cunt is from, It's always OK to call a cunt a cunt. 

If anyone is spouting hateful shit publicly that goes against the broad range of progressive / Lefty/ socialist / inclusive views here, then they're a cunt.

And its especially important to call it out if individuals  want to be accepted within the general body of Lefty activism and antifa, or indeed by or within NBH etc. 

I fucking despise Nazis and white supremacists, as you all may have noticed. 

But I also hate Jihadis just as much, be they ISIS or any other set of cunts who think blowing up children is acceptable. 

And yes, that includes the IDF.

Also, homophobia from a Muslim is no different from any other kind of Homophobia. 

It's cuntish. 

That's all really. 

Carry on.

Wise words from my friend Laz. 


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