Tuesday, November 22, 2016

From the UK via @lesims Lessons Learned from Brexit

FROM THE UK on FaceBook via @lesisms 

I was afraid of this... that Trump would win. So many people told me it was impossible, but the UK 'suffered' BREXIT back in the Summer, and most of us (actually, sadly... not most of us... because 'most of them' voted to take us out of the system that had prevented World War III beginning in Europe) were absolutely stunned that the 'impossible' actually happened.

Immediately after BREXIT, there were 'whites' abusing pretty much anyone they didn't believe was British, telling them they had to go home now.

The irony is, they were telling 'non-white's to go home, when their homes were in the UK. So, they were essentially calling for anyone who didn't look white to have free travel in the UK, to get to their homes, in the UK. Free internal travel for Muslims, Jews and anyone else that wasn't a bigoted, fat bastard that loved the England football team and could name its captain for at least four generations.

I'd stand with you, Elyssa. 

Trump won because of the same xenophobia that saw BREXIT happen, and though we're not in the majority, now, people like me are with people like you, and there are so many of us - here and in the US, and in the Western world, and on this Earth.

Unfortunately, we have to accept these bizarre results, but we don't have to accept the bigotry and hate.


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