Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Banned on Facebook 11/18/16

Hello, friends. I was unable to post or reply to threads since I last posted because apparently the nature, raw language, graphic images and screen shots I posted were too graphic for this social media platform. 

This does not surprise me, and serves only to confirm what I initially suspected, that my friends here are not prepared to see the harsh reality I face on daily basis. 

In my absence, my dear friend, Roanna Carleton-Taylor posted several links to explain my absence and Twitter has since instituted a new policy to combat the pervasive hate speech targeting Jews, Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, LGBTQ, and other protected classes. They have taken down the accounts inciting violence threatening Jews like myself and the person who used my photograph replacing my eyes with bullet holes has been arrested and is now in Jail. I consider that a win and the temporary ban is a small price to pay. 

Stay safe out there and have a good day.


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