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Educators for Dean announce their support as Election Day nears


NASHVILLE, Tenn. – More than 100 local teachers who instruct at levels ranging from kindergarten to graduate school have formed Educators for Dean to back Karl Dean's pro-education campaign for mayor, it was announced today.


"We have a total of 102 people in our organization who have been contacting colleagues to let them know about Karl's emphasis on education," said Jill Speering, a co-chair of the organization. "I attended a town hall meeting on education that Karl held in Crieve Hall over the weekend, and I left there more convinced than ever that he is the right person to lead our city."


Dean has made education and public safety the top two priorities of his campaign, and he pledged to keep them firmly in his sights in the mayor's office. He already has gained the endorsement of the Metro Nashville Education Association, and he said the backing of the wider-reaching group of educators also was significant.


"This group represents the whole spectrum of educators in our community – pre-school, elementary school, middle school, high school and college," he said. "They are people to whom we all owe a great deal of thanks for the work they do, and I am very appreciative of their support."


Speering said the educators will be busy tonight reminding colleagues, parents and others to vote for Dean in Tuesday's mayoral election.







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Educators for Dean:




Alice Henley

Andrew Davis

Angie Harris

Ann Morse

Anna Claire McKay

Anne Blackwell

Annette Daniel

Avi Poster

Beth O'Shea

Betsy Malone

Beverly Patterson

Bonnie Spear

Brett Kmiec

Carol Redelheim

Catherine Sperling

Cecilia Dodd

Chasta Mitchell

Chris Norris

Connie Pilkinton

Dikkie Schoggen

Donna Clark

Dr. Bill Wise

Dr. Claire Smrekar

Dr. David Dickinson

Dr. Helen Brown

Dr. Helen Schley

Dr. Jennifer Berry-Rickert

Dr. Joe Everton

Dr. Linda Ashford

Dr. Marcy Singer-Gabella

Dr. Nancy Holland

Dr. Nicole Kendall

Dr. Pat McDonald

Dr. Phil Schoggen

Dr. Sammy Swor

Dr. Steve McFadyen-Ketchum

Dr. Warren Thompson

Elyssa Durant

Erick Huth

Gay Hollins-Wiggins

Ginger Horton

Gloria Stookey

Jane Walling

Jennifer Berry Rickert

Jennifer Leathers

Jennifer McCann

Jennifer Thomas

Jill Pittman

Jill Speering

Jim Cooper

Jo Littlejohn

Joe Croker

Judy Kane

Karre Sloan

Kate Blackmon

Kathleen Lawrence

Kathy Chiavola

Ken Fagan

Ken King

Kim Dale

Kimberly Carraway

Kris Climer

Laura Laughter

LaVoe Mulgrew

Linda Edwards

Linda McFadyen-Ketchum

Liza Ramage

Lonnie Frey

Louise Clifton

Madelyn Johnson

Maribeth Crutchfield

Marion Bradford

Mary Early-Zald

Mary Jo Curley

Mary Jo Howland

Melanie Ladd

Melrose Perry

Micki McGowan

Naushina Rahman

Pat Cole

Patrice Norris

Peggy Davis

Philippa Thompson

Ralph Smith

Randy Ford

Renee Fox

Rob Pilling

Ron Webb

Ronnica Stanley

Russanne Buchi-Forte

Sallie Stamps Swor

Sally Lee

Shirley Dowell

Stephanie Burnett

Susan Spaulding

Susan Strasinger

Tim Babb

Tom Cash

Tracy Smith

Vicki Dooley

Vickie Metzger

Wesley Roberts




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