Sunday, August 21, 2016

Security Innovations | OpenDNS

Security Innovations | OpenDNS


The world-class engineering team at OpenDNS is obsessed with inventing new methodologies to eradicate malware, botnets and phishing through DNS, and use the system to intelligently route our users around it. Not to mention speed up the Internet and move the state of the art for the Domain Name System forward. Together they've developed some of the foremost innovations the DNS has seen in its lifetime. See for yourself in our long list of inventions and firsts.

The first thing you should know about OpenDNS is that we value innovation above all else. And you should also know we're committed to delivering the absolute best, smartest and safest Internet experience possible to every single one of our 65 million users.

Check in here often to see what pioneering, needle-moving and overall exceptional technologies we're delivering. We aim to impress. And we're just getting started.

  1. OpenDNS Security Graph

  2. OpenDNS Global Network

  3. OpenGraphiti

  4. DNSCrypt

  5. Global Internet Speedup

  6. CacheCheck

  7. SmartCache

  8. IPv6 Sandbox

  9. PhishTank

  10. OpenDNS Domain Tagging


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