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What's New at Pets of the Homless

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Pets of the Homeless
Issue 95
Newsletter June 2016

"Bubba," with a severe case of "adorable" patiently waits

with his guardian for his free vaccinations at the Pets of the Homeless

Carson City Wellness Clinic May 21, 2016

Photo Credit:  Kira Costarella

Facebook message from a homeless person: The first thing people say when they find out that you're homeless and you have animals is, "why in the world would you have animals if your homeless? you can't even feed yourself?" My reply is, "well, I wasn't born homeless, I'm just in a bad situation right now and it's not my dog's fault."  People can be so ignorant about some things and homelessness is one of them. Unless you've been homeless you don't and can't imagine what it's like.

Help Pets of the Homeless Have Full Tummies

Mid-Year Appeal

In order to meet our mission and provide services in your community, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support.  Our goal is to reach $69,000 by June 30th.   To date, donors like you have trusted us with $62,200.  Your donation makes the lives of these pets a little easier, healthier and to have a full tummy.  
Photo credit:  Kira Costarella
Pets of the Homeless has spent over $374,000 treating over 13,300 pets with veterinary care.  Our donation sites have taken over 904,500 pounds of donated pet food and supplies, from people like you, to food banks and soup kitchens. (That's $1.66 million at fair market value).
Won't you help again? We ask that you make a commitment to support our mid-year appeal by making a cash donation.  Your generosity will make a difference by allowing us to continue in our work.  Remember your gift is tax-deductible! 
Remember that every donation makes a difference, regardless of size.  Just $7.50 will feed and provide basic veterinary care for one dog for one day.
Your gift is appreciated by so many pets of the homeless!
Your Donations at Work...



Pets of the Homeless received a call from a homeless woman who stays on a porch in Washington, DC with her 3 year old female American Bulldog, Egypt. She was concerned because Egypt had no use of her back legs for a few days.
POTH approved an exam at VCA MacArthur Animal Hospital who is one of our new donation sites. We received a call from the veterinarian who explained Egypt's condition; he suspected a herniated disc or a growth in the spine. Egypt had no deep pain in her legs or tail which is not a good sign and makes the prognosis very poor.   He recommended a CT scan. His opinion was even if surgery was performed, there may not be any recovery and no return of function of her legs. Egypt had become incontinent.
VCA connected with their partner VCA Veterinary Referral Association for a neurological consultation.   We received a phone call from the Chief of Staff who had performed x-rays and could not find anything wrong. He thinks perhaps Egypt had a stroke in her spinal cord. Egypt still had no feeling in her hind legs or tail. He is going to try acupuncture for 4 - 6 weeks as sometimes they get results from this treatment. He offered to do this all at no charge!
Egypt's guardian called to say thank you. She also said the staff at VCA MacArthur was wonderful!
A few weeks later the Chief of Staff called to let us know Egypt came back in and was bleeding heavily from her vaginal area and not eating or drinking. We assisted with bloodwork and x-rays. The doctor called and informed us Egypt's uterus was enlarged and she had open piometra and was very sick.  Her white blood cell count was extremely high. The doctor recommended to have her uterus removed. Unfortunately with the future poor quality of life expected with no function of her rear legs and being incontinent, her guardian made the difficult decision to put Egypt down.
Pets of the Homeless assisted with euthanasia and cremation. One of the kind employees at VCA contributed so that Egypt could have a private cremation and her guardian could receive her ashes. Her owner called to say thank you for everything.
Run again with the angels sweet Egypt.

Pets of the Homeless receives

Nevada Business Magazine's

 "Family Owned Business" Award

Pets of the Homeless is proud to be the recipient of the 2016 Northern Nevada Family Owned Business Award  in the "Don't Forget to Share" category.  This award was presented by Nevada Business Magazine and Nevada State Bank.  Pets of the Homeless has been recognized as a family owned business that has made significant contributions to the community and prides itself on giving back. 


New Donation Sites

Footprints Animal Hospital - Grand Junction, CO

Animal Medical Center - Indianapolis, IN

My Dog East First - Louisville, KY

Patton Avenue Pet Company - Asheville, NC

Lansdale Animal Hospital - Lansdale, PA

Lucia Italian Kitchen & Bar - Seattle, WA


Find a Donation Site Near You

Pets of the Homeless, 116 East Seventh St., Suite 204, Carson City, NV 89701

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