Monday, June 6, 2016

How did u learn how to hack like that? Just me…

PWA | Just me…
Too funny!! 


~this has gone WAY beyond the normal hack job…3 years now, defamation, mail tampering (now after finally getting into my mail account after 10 days)…. all email accounts & every internet accout i own messed with….6 countries involved, my dog poisoned…& 10 days of HELL following this circus around the world….

Are u aware of how deep this went?…. Ms E Doolen… better known as @ELyssaD took files & pictures from my computer with a little local help also ( u know who u are) btw…. all pics no longer valid  as the 12 lbs u were so worried about melted… & the best thing one can do to make one sit up & start working hard is to have ur trainer take a picture….So TY for that!!! 

Since as many of you know… i spent quit a few hours, days, nights, taking screen shots of my system logs and pst files. Simultaneously downloading them to memory sticks, which i'ld yank out as soon as i could tell they were going to wipe them……. hmmmm let't see…. one was named TO DO LIST….. & one was signed….. really???? Less drugs dude…. JSON    gee  

Anyway… i pulled that hard drive, and have all my others too….wonder what those system logs and pst files will show since they got replaced because of Jude's dropage problem😉 So I have an appt. this afternoon with the police IT  guy as so far no one has seen anything quite like this….. (hmmmm and traced all my calls too)…. I'd say that's pretty good for a dummy heh??? 

What I'm not quite sure of is how much u guys over the ocean had to do with anything except letting someone ( a pyscopath no less…yikes!!!) try and very successfully make me be the bad guy….. This is her second go around….at least i ty 4 the very public trial…… and ohhhh yes it was noticed…..I have way too many listeners that i wish would talk more~shrugging~I guess u missed the first go around 3 yrs ago…. but then she has all those blogs dedicated to me….I ought to feel flattered..

Then all the well meaning advice, pscological warfare etc. etc. is everyone REALLY that bored…… WOW I am trying to type this on my ipad….. i do NOT text…~smiling~

And europe? { Sorry 4 all the interruptions…there is a guy about a block from maway who keeps tapping my signal…sighhhhh"……so i have to go yell at him on my notebook(WORD) he's not listening very well….sighhh…. }we can all still be best buds lol….I know how much u hate that one…{the lol word…so passe i know}…& I would really & truely miss my very, very good friend….oh why did u…oh never mind….

This blog will continue to be… it's public after all …the two posts before JFK I knew E was watching & her camp went wild….I really hope that you guys didn't under estimate me as much as others did… I will get over there sometime~She smiles~

~love & light~

I sincerely hope this doesn't ruin some very special…….

~jude { sorry I couldn't do this the justice that some VERY talented women and men would have….I SOOO admire the culture, friendships, and talent I See every day even if i have to translate some… but i'm learning…} It has taken me 2 hours to write this but I think the hacker ran….Boy I missed the net….hopefully I'll be back on tonight and nothing on my part will be said except why i disappeared~someone should have worried (  


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