Wednesday, May 18, 2016

With A Rise In iPhone Cyber-Crime, U.S Residents Are Using This Solution To Protect Themselves | Tech Advice

With A Rise In iPhone Cyber-Crime, U.S Residents Are Using This Solution To Protect Themselves | Tech Advice

With A Rise In iPhone Cyber-Crime, U.S Residents Are Using This Solution To Protect Themselves

With a rise in domestic iPhone hacking and unsecured WIFI networks, American's are turning to this protection solution to keep their iPhone's safe.

The solution? YesBackup Official iPhone Protection. This is becoming the latest defense app with the recent hacking events, and the Microsoft & Apple certified developers out of New Hampshire can't keep up with demand.

"We had to open up a new office of 100 computer engineers in New York, just to keep up with the amount of protection plans being ordered" Said John Hands, their Chief Of Technical Operations.

The YesBackup Official iPhone Protection is currently the most popular protection choice for most American users due to it's ability to automatically click and restore if something happens to your device.

How effective is this Official iPhone Protection, Really?

If you have ever had your iPhone hacked, damaged or the device stolen, you know exactly what it's like to loose all of your precious photos & data, now imagine you had a 1 click restore option when you recover your iPhone or purchase a new one. You wouldn't have to worry about loosing files & photos again.

That's where this Official YesBackup protection app comes in. The automatic restore feature is designed to regularly protect contents on your iPhone, so you never have to worry again.

The truth is, most people underestimate the importance of using an automatic protection app. Whether someone hacks your device and takes all your content, or you spill a cup of coffee over your iPhone – This Official iPhone Protection App will have you covered.

"In times like these, it's more important for Americans to be prepared for anything, and this YesBackup Official Protection App is one of the best and most cost effective ways to keep our device protected…" – Matt B.

We Tried The Yes Backup Official iPhone Protection App Ourselves:



Upon purchasing the Yes Backup Official iPhone Protection App, we instantly saw the benefit of the automatic photo protection. We could tell by the speed of the app that this was serious iPhone protection. It allows you to protect all  your data & photos with a 1 click restore setting should you need it – as well as share your content and connect to social media.

After launching the Official App on a new device, we used the 1 click restore button to simply restore all of our photos to a new iPhone. It was clear that this was the most reliable iPhone protection we'd ever come across.

After playing with the protect & restore features for just 5 minutes, it was clear why so many people are purchasing this Official iPhone Protection App. It's clearly something you shouldn't be without.

iPhone hacking, accidental deletion and harmful virus aren't something you want without this protection.


This Official YesBackup iPhone Protection App is currently selling for less than $4.00 (Saving you over $200!). So it's a good time to get it at this discounted price. We have been advised that this Protection App is only available to the public until May 19th, 2016 and is on a first come first save basis. To protect you and your loved ones iPhone's, we recommend securing your protection plan now. It has our vote so much that we are pushing to get every iPhone user a protection plan across the U.S. If you want to make sure you're iPhone photo & contents are safe, this Official Protection App is a great start.




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