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Neal Rauhauser Brags About SWATting To Sunstein On

Neal Rauhauser Brags About SWATting To Sunstein On Reddit And LinkedIn
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In light of that I thought it time to update this post where Neal brags to Cass Sunstein about his accomplishments in creating conspiracies in comments to an article Sunstein wrote.

I am Bloomberg View contributor Cass Sunstein: my latest book focuses on Conspiracy Theories and other Dangerous Ideas. AMA! (self.IAmA)
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I have implemented many of the ideas you set forth in your 2008 paper on cognitive infiltration, doing so under the brand name 'Conspiracy Brokers'.

I shut it down at the first of the year but we had a great deal of fun at the expense of, Michelle Bachmann, National Blogger's Club, the Romney campaign team, the DOJ, Groundswell, and a number of less notable conspiracy theory nests.

At one point during the summer of 2012 a group of 87 House offices sent the DOJ a letter about some of our alleged doings. Has any of this grassroots effort been noticed at the level where you work?

There is a Wordpress site called ConspiracyBrokers and a companion site Kookpocalypse that show a bit of the history of the effort, which ran roughly from early 2011 until the end of 2013.

Elyssa D. Durant. Ed.M.
Research & Policy Analyst

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