Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pastebin Post to LulzSec from @th3j35t3r

Greetz Lulzsec, (@atopiary, @securitopiary @anonakomis and most of all @anonymouSabu) So Sabu, With reference to your highly amusing open letter here: - I thank you for taking the time in your busy schedule of releasing personal credentials and sensitive correspondence, also thanks to Topiary for his clear injections of humor and assisting you with your grammar. I trust it didn't tear you away from your 'lulz' for too long? Firstly, I would like to formally thank you for picking me up on my appalling PHP script - it's really nice to know that you have got my back on that. Which leads me nicely to my point, and I will keep it short, as I don't have the time to entertain the crowds... like you. Your arrogance is astounding, if not predictable. You see technical ability is nothing without an insight into the target mindset. YOU gave away another 2 important pieces of intel. Let me fill you in: 1). Regarding my previous post here:!/th3j35t3r/status/83984197160673280 I only specified one IP block 'associated with you' I actually have two IP blocks. You have kindly confirmed that this is no longer your block, therefore the other one is. The fact you feel the need to name it as a US IP block confirms it - clearly intended as misinfo because there's no chance any US host would touch you. Feel good? 2). Regarding your generous corrections to my atrocious PHP script here: Sabu, you have inadvertently confirmed that the current profile of you is correct - by re-coding the script you have in fact confirmed the dox element that has you down as 'adept' in Python AND PHP. << spot the deliberate mistake? 'Softly Softly Catch The Monkey' Your arrogance is awesome and will hurt you hard. For the record, you have no idea what my ops over the last 18 months have achieved. If you did, then I would not be operational. V& 'Intelligence' will always beat down 'Arrogance'. Eventually. In short - Everything you do, and more importantly, everything you don't - tells me something about you. Peace out. J tags: jester th3j35t3r lulzsec sabu topiary anonakomis joepie et fuckin cetera dox doxed v&


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