Monday, October 21, 2013

Unwritten: Goodnight folks... I need a break

We live in a society where no one accepts responsibility for their mistakes, no one is held accountable for their actions, and one EVER, EVER says they are sorry. 

Let me you a small you inside for "A Day in the Life: glimpse inside the typical day for one of the 47 million und/underemployed, un/underinsured Americans: I spend day after day after day doing the same thing without any result consequence. 

I can only offer you a glimpse into day in the life because there is no room to sit in my car, and t believe my apartment may actually be a fire hazard...

This was my DailyDDoSe posted at 7:30am

As for my most current insurance dispute... I feel that I have done everything humanly possible to protect health care provider who are NOT providing health... I cannot dean up the slack for my every under qualified, health care provider (who did NOT provide however) I feel I have no other choice than to share what I have learned... Having been on both sides if the proverbial couch, I have the perspective is both enlightening and scary at the same time. 

Sometimes I try to look at this fight, (I meant to say this life) objectively. 

I can see my own future, and I can see where it is taking me. I know how it will end it I don't keep up the pace. 

It is amazing at how far we will go to have nothing at all. 

I have come this far, and on some level I almost enjoy the dance. No. On some level, I actually love the dance. 

No. I won't give up now. Because without this turmoil, this means to an end, this demonstration  project of futility and determination, and without it, I am nothing at all. I can't lose what I never had. I won't be another sell-out" mostly because I don't know how. 

I am then the voice of perseverance. I am one voice of preference. I am one of 47 million Americans. 

And today I am I am still fighting the good fight. 

This battle; this challenge; this half won war this fight has come to define me. And without that. I am not really much of anything at all... 

As someone once told me, if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. I've already fallen. 

But I sure as shit stand for something. 

So for now, I write. Maybe later I'll listen. And if there is any justice left in this world, maybe someday, I'll actually live.

Good night folks. It is time for that break. 

Just me, 



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