Friday, August 30, 2013

UNWRITTEN: No Child Left Behind


Please report responsibly. Although I am not familiar with the statistical validity and reliability of the ACT, I am quite certain that this "standardized" test is quite similar to other high-stakes tests (e.g., the S.A.T.) used to evaluate student performance in the "good old U'S of A". 

Although the College Board and ETS (Educational Testing Service) will have you believe that these exams are an accurate measure "aptitude," in reality most entrance exams are just another barrier discouraging disenfranchised youth from pursuing their dreams of a "higher education."

Studies consistently show that standardized entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT do not accurately predict academic performance or ability. 
These high-stakes test show one thing and one thing only: that some students are better test-takers than others! 

The inherent biases of these gateway examinations provide just one more opportunity for the cultural elite to maintain the status quo in this country.

By printing such tidbits of information without further inquiry, The Nashville City Paper is'contributing to the educational crisis in public schools by failing to offer a more'in-depth analysis of what these scores represent. 

By releasing such timely factoids out of context, The City Paper (and the School Board) is lending credence to bogus, elitist intellectual theories such as "The Bell Curve."

High stakes standardized entrance exams are not only culturally biased, but also politically motivated in their agenda to cash in on Title I funds and, in this state, bring creationism and Bible studies into public classrooms. 


Tennessee schools are so far behind the times it amazes me that a so-called liberal news outlet such as The City Paper can print such garbage and get stay in business.

[SIDE NOTE: After receiving several scathing letters from yours truly, the Editor in Chief asked me to write a weekly column for The Nashville City Paper. 

Cliff never printed this letter because he was fired shortly after printing my previous letter and took a job with a conservative think tank. 

The new editor either didn't appreciate my weekly rants or could not afford to pay me ten cents per word for my weekly rants. 

 Unfortunately, the paper was "reorganized" and the Editor and I were not part of their new generic pollyanna format.]

These exposes are part of Bill Bennett (you, know, the Virtues guy who wants kill all the brown babies and bring back the basics? Core curriculum racist, sexist, offensive ideologies and extremist agendas demanding Tennessee bring back a "return to basics" type of core-curriculum. 

Please report responsibly and tell the whole story. 

At best, if your story is accurate, this test is designed to demonstrate academic mastery of the "core curriculum" all we have proven is this: our schools are failing miserably at educating those students who need us most. 

Equal opportunity is a myth when it comes to public education. If you truly want "No Child Left Behind" give them the tools they need to move forward. 

Elyssa D'Educrat 


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