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Synesthetic Thoughts by MindRetrofit

Synesthetic Thoughts

by mindretrofit,
May 31st 2013

Synesthetic Thoughts

musical tunes taste like blue,
blue’s aroma fills my nostrils -
its fragrance; lilies drenched in raindrops,
indigo dances in zig zag streams,
my tongue is moist from Ancient drumbeats,
the word Celtic spins yellow and green’ish
waves across my eyes;

my flesh absorbs powder puffs,
from chromatic clouds,
kisses of kaleidoscopic,
numbers tattoo my throat,
the leave’s hued tracers cover my bod,
prismatic songs wrap metallically;
over my taste buds,

silence thumps into my ears,
reddish circles, infinities,
icosahedrons echo hypnotizing songs,
adoration pumps through my veins,
prism’s passions penetrate,
I exhale the pedals of violets,
from my breath -

my skin feels red,
red soothes as feathers,
that are painful brushes,
against my flesh,
but they are the sound of gentleness,
that tastes of honeysuckles,
and the word love drips yellow,
forming a number two -
tucked secretly away;
my own prison and merry-go-round
{of pleasure and pain}


Today, I was able to participate in thedVerse prompt. The prompt is synesthesia. I was excited because I do have synesthesia in a vast degree. I have written several posts about it on a couple of my blogs. I only discovered that I have synesthesia a few years ago, but it was one of the best moments in my life. It helped me understand how and why I see, hear, feel, smell, and taste this world in such a different way than others. It is not always the most pleasant of gifts, but I do like how my sensory functions make my world so exciting and intense.

Here are a few of my posts if you would like to learn more. I have videos and links that explain it as well as a little insight to how I am affected.

Here is an older poem I wrote trying to convey my sensory intensity.

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