Monday, August 6, 2012

Did Illuminati Card Game Depict Aurora Colorado Shooting?

Did Illuminati Card Game Depict Aurora Colorado Shooting?

by Alex Thomas,
August 1st 2012


Over the last few weeks we have published over a dozen exclusive reports detailing the extraordinary amount of evidence that indicates that the horrific Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting was some sort of false flag black operation.

Whether it be the fact that multiple shooters were documented by numerous witnesses or the connection the shooter had with literal mind control programs, the facts speak for themselves.

Now, an eerie ‘coincidence’ has been found which again connects to other false flag attacks and predictive programming events.

The Illuminati card game first appeared in 1995 after its release by Steve Jackson Games and seems to directly predict events that have happened in the 17 years since its release. It has since been written about thousands of times due to its actual depictions of real events.

A similar card game called On the Edge was released a few years before and one of the cards in the deck seems to depict the Aurora Colorado shooting.

“There are some similarities in the card and the shooting,” wrote the Truth Behind the Scenes Blog.

Regardless if the above photos from an early 90′s Illuminati type card game are just a coincidence or yet another example of predictive programming, the documented evidence in the case directly confirms that, at the very least, the public has not been told the entire story.

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