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AutismAid National service support umbrella. Catlin Illinois

AutismAid mission is to serve as a facilitator institution for nonprofit entities operating to serve families dealing with Autism. AutismAid supports it's non for profit clients multifaceted contributions through determination of needs, sharing of best practices, and financial assistance to Autism organizations. AutismAid will operate as a model for the non profit community by having a goal to be in the highest percentile of return to the community and lowest overhead. We make the declaration that our mission is to compliment, facilitate the filling in gaps of service and not to compete or distract from any existing entities.

AutismAid National service support umbrella organization is a Autism Service Community Baseline Safety net entity that offers best practice aggregation, regional non profit recognition and financial assistance and grant programs. Working together with established National, Regional and Local nonprofit service organizations to specifically fill in gaps of service and critical needs. AutismAid will serve organizations based and serving the population in the United States of America. AutismAid seeks to end discrimination that is occurring due to ethnicity, geographic location and Socioeconomic status.

Board of Directors

TannersDad ~Tim Welsh

Executive Director/ Midwest Director

Zidlow Marx,
Creative Director / South-East Director
Zach Martin,
East Coast Director
Stuart Kaifetz

Michael Buckholtz
Richard Everts
Elyssa Durant, Ed.M.
Policy Liaison
Advisory new PSAs

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Dee Snider

Debbie Gibson

Help us shift the paradigm
We are accepting applications from Local Service Non profit organizations. Tim Welsh Founder of AutismAid appreciates and Understand the public discussion surrounding the latest release by the CDC of Prevalence Rates of Autism. 1 in 88 children is truly indicative of an epidemic of need. We feel that although debate focusing on causation is vital within the Academic, Medical, and Research community, it is time to address the needs of Families.

There has also been a National Discussion about discrimination in the last months. We feel productive use of this energy should lead to a National Plan to address the sporadic services and unfair disbursement of limited resources. Individuals of ethnicity face later diagnosis and less services.

Our Organization, AutismAid, is prepared to change the paradigm this year from Aware to Action and Care. Care means bring resources to local service support non profit groups, Ending Discrimination, and saving lives. We take very seriously the urgency of need for the Autism community and will lead a charge to unify and raise service levels for all.


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