Sunday, July 29, 2012

Press Release: AutismAid to launch Beyond The Limits Campaign to support individuals impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder

Press Release: AutismAid to launch "Beyond The Limits Campaign" to support individuals impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder Autism And Aspergers World Record Run

Press Release Steve Knowlton Guinness World Record Run

 Catlin, IL: AutismAid is proud to support ultra-marathoner Steve Knowlton. Steve has committed to help us introduce a message of service support equity for those individuals impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder from coast to coast as he runs to break the Guinness World Record this fall. The journey, which we are calling our "Beyond the Limits" Campaign will consist of Steve running from San Francisco to New York in 45 days commencing on September 1st. 

"Last year, with inner determination and help from God, I ran Solo 3,717 miles across America,from Seattle to Key Largo. This fall I plan on breaking a 32-year-old World Record set in 1980 by Frank Giannino who averaged 67 miles a day for 46 days and 8 hours running across America. I will set the New World Record by averaging over 70 miles a day for 45 days... This September, I will begin my Record Run starting in San Francisco, California and head through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and finishing in New York City, New York for a total of 3,100 miles." - Steve Knowlton 

We want to support Steve in every way that we can and we are so very grateful for his commitment and sacrifice. We are in the process of looking for sponsors as well as in-kind donations to help Steve with his journey. Our growing organization welcomes contact from all members of the community as we address the service needs of individuals on the spectrum through our partner Non Profit groups. 

About AutismAid: AutismAid is a National Consortium that will change the way Local Autism Service Non Profits Raise Donations, Collaborate, and Operate. Our mission is to raise funds, confidence, and community action levels. AutismAid For more information contact Executive Director Tim Welsh or Creative Director Zidlow Marx

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